Frequently asked questions

What is the price of scrap material? 

The price for scrap metal fluctuates with current market conditions.  We do not publish our prices. Please call us at (704)873-9004 for current pricing. 

How can I tell the difference between steel and all other types of metal?

A magnet will stick to anything ferrous (containing iron/steel).  

Can I bring you my scrap metal?

We accept ferrous and nonferrous materials and will help you the best we can.

What do I need to do before bringing automobiles or appliances?

We ask to remove gas tanks and all fluids. For automobiles 2013 or newer, please have the title with your name matching name on title. Please have a government-issued ID.

Do you supply containers?

We can supply container services and truck pick-ups for large projects and continuous metal recycling waste streams.

Are your weights correct?

All employees running our scales are certified annually by the State of NC and our truck scales are certified annually by the state of NC.

have questions we didn't cover?

Email us at or with any questions you may have, or call us at (704) 873–9004 to talk directly with our staff.